Elizabeth Schwartz / Red / September 4 – October 13, 2018 @ WSG Gallery

RED! Its many sumptuous hues and variations scarlet, crimson, carmine, coral, rose, burgundy, magenta, alizarin, maroon, ochre, vermillion, violet provide inspiration for this show.

The word Red has multiple meanings, and these vary according to context. Red has been used to symbolize lofty ideals and political struggles. In China and India, for example, the color red symbolizes happiness and good fortune. Red the color of bloodcan denote valor, sacrifice and courage, and was adopted by Revolutionary Socialists to honor fallen workers.

Red is associated with such disparate emotions as passion, desire, sexuality, danger, dominance, aggression, anger, love and joy.

When making paintings, I’m always drawn to the color red. When I’ve tried to paint without red, without fail, it sneaks in to find its place, whether a big splash or tiny accent.

Sometimes it’s simply the beauty of the color that wants to be expressed; other times red’s many emotions, meanings and associations are aroused. Abstract images evoke different responses in individual observers. It is my hope that you, the viewer, will experience red’s power.